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Symbol Issues BOM (Specifically the Angle Symbol)

Question asked by Kevin Sanders on Dec 26, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2019 by Kevin Sanders

Good day, and Happy Holidays...


I am having an issue with my BOM table not reflecting the angle symbol. I have not found an answer for in the forums or online.


It seems I have been able to copy and paste the angle symbol from AutoCAD into the BOM Description in configurations and it seems to have worked in one drawing. But it seems when I tried to repeat the process in another drawing the symbol is represented with a square. (see image)


Now I do notice that the two texts in the drawings are indeed different. BUT when I try to make them alike, it says they are. When I delete the table and set all text to romans and reinsert the table it does the same thing. (Actually it doesnt look like it is changing to romans text)


Anyone have any input on how to address this?


I attempted to insert a geo-tolerance symbol but it is a monstrosity compare to the text.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.