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Dependent dimensions not updating

Question asked by Greg Gayman on Dec 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2020 by Greg Gayman

In the past we've used "='D1@Sketch1'*2" had it's update when D1 is changed, as example. Recently, maybe in last 4 months, something has been changed that it no longer updates the dependent dimension when D1 is changed.

Example is a sketch of a rectangle, dimension side 1 at 2inches and side 2 as =2* and click the side 1 dimension. It will calculate initially but if you go back and need to change that first dimension the dependent no longer updates itself. Anyone have a suggestion on getting this to function again. We have many parts that are made in this manner and when updates are made they're not transferring to the dependent variable, additionally to it taking longer to make a dependent variable with new parts.

Currently operation is 2019 SP2.0, if memory serves this change actually happened when we were still running on SP1. I don't believe it was an update issue between Service Packs though.

Entering variable

Initial calculation

Updated D1 doesn't update D2

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