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Animation Workflow discussion for complex animations.

Discussion created by Luke Thompson on Dec 26, 2019
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I'd like to start a discussion on workflow, best practices and tips for animating in Visualize. 


I see a lot of demo animations on exploded views and walkthroughs and some basic motion of a few components. The most complicated i've seen is a automotive engine running. I get the sense animations that can be driven by a few mates and motors, or animating an explode in Solidworks and then imported in to Visualize are fairly straight forward. I'd like to discuss how to create more dynamic animations that would either involve a significant amount of mates in Solidworks or generating the movement within Visualize itself. I've ran into instability issues and i'd like to increase my efficiency and reduce rework.


A few points of discussion:

  • I've been advised by our VAR that animations should be imported from SW whenever possible
  • When creating keyframes in Visualize, I noticed that the software doesn't know what to do when you animate both the part and the group independently. This results in a lot of instability. I haven't been able to find an efficient workaround involving a flat model tree.
  • When an animation is imported into Visualize from SW then additional components are animated within visualize, the keyframe rates don't match the imported keyframes from Solidworks and the sliders don't seem able to match it. 
  • Is it worth setting up a complex animation with a lot of moving independent parts within Solidworks and importing to Visualize, or doing all the animation within Visualize Itself? 


Animation Examples grabbed from Youtube:

Animated Installation Manual for Interior Door Lock - Trinity Animation - YouTube 

Rock-It System 4.0 Installation Animation - YouTube

LARSON Brisa Retractable Screen - Single Door Installation - YouTube 

Permasnap Coping Installation Animation - OMG EdgeSystems - YouTube 



Kind regards.