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    Oil/bearing interface model

    Alan Krem
      Does anyone have a good methodology to model or simulate the correct way the load is distributed on a journal bearing? Contact really is not a good way to do it as it assumes the load is transmitted through the very localized contact point where the smaller diameter shaft is touching the larger diameter bearing bore. Contact would be good for a pin/clevis style joint. In a journal bearing, the shaft is supportted on a film of oil which distributes the load rather than ceating a small contact load.
        • Oil/bearing interface model
          Bill McEachern
          I would try a spring support if you know the bearing radial stiffness. I would assume that it is never desirable that the shaft touch the bore.
          • Oil/bearing interface model
            Kirby Meyer
            You could apply an external force with nonuniform distribution and use the Sommerfield derivation for an infinite journal or Ocvirk derivation for a short journal and apply the forces in a user specified coordinate system which is aligned with the eccentricity of the journal. I believe the basic formulae are on Wikipedia, but another source is Yukio Hori, Hydrodynamic Lubricaiton, Springer, 2002.