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New system passes every benchmark I can find. Repeatably fails while running flow simulations.

Question asked by Charlie Johnson on Dec 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2020 by Charlie Johnson

I am out of ideas for what could be wrong with this computer. 9900K, 64GB of 3600Mhz G-Skill RAM, 970 Pro SSD, Gigabyte Master motherboard, P1000 GPU, and 360mm AIO cooler. Prime95, PassMark SSD, Memtest86, Cinebench, and Solidworks benchmark all pass with flying colors.


The issues comes up seemingly randomly while running a flow simulation. "SOLVER TERMINATED ABNORMALLY! Contact support..." It can happen during a refinement or in the middle of a travel. It has happened on simple airfoils made with splines and complex full aircraft geometries. It happens with XMP on or off. Load line calibration up or down for the CPU. None of the temperatures reported to HWiNFO go above 75C on any of the components. It happened on 2019 SP4 and SP5. It continued to happened after reinstall Windows.


There is nothing in the event viewer. There are no indicators or hints that I have found to help me diagnose this machine yet. Are there any logs that can help give me a hint as to why SWFS is struggling to work on this machine?