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3DSWYM - Like it or hate it?

Discussion created by Scott Baugh on Dec 24, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2020 by Jason Capriotti

I have been trying to use this site for over a month and I still cannot find any communities, not even the Top Ten. Which really sucks because I always enjoy being a part of that event and turning in ideas. OT: They need to start sending out a formal email or notification to everyone or send out a notification and ask us if we want to be on a Notification .


Maybe I am finally just getting too old, but it just seems far too busy and complex for a way to connect to people. I guess a phone call is not good enough anymore. Obviously this Forum is not good enough, because I think all content is moving over the 3DExperience. Its a sign of the times. I do think this is another nail in Solidworks that Dassault is driving down through them and all of our throats. Goes back to my other post last month Is Solidworks being Phased Out or Over? 


Cheers everyone!

I hope to see some of you in Nashville, TN in 2020 @ SWW... it will always be SWW to me.

FYI: You can't miss me