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Designing prism/mirror displays. Please advise.

Question asked by Steven Mills on Dec 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2020 by Steven Mills

I have this idea of using prisms and maybe mirrors to display some things at an angle from where a display screen/device is actually used. I have some memories about prisms that can change the image to be at an angle, and projecting it from one side of a prism to another without the other sides of the prism being visible in the output image. And/or making it look like the reflected image is right behind the prism instead of the few inches the real display actually is. Does anyone have experience designing such displays, and/or point me to resources on how to do this?


Some related links -

Reflective Hologram Prism Kit (x10) – Mindsets Online  - a smartphone 3d projector? Not useful for my application, but interesting. And maybe one pane of it can be used? - Prism application examples - Almost what I want to do, but I actually want to turn the image by 20 to 45 degrees, not just invert it.


P.S. Before anyone asks, the design purpose is that we may need to tilt the display for some reasons. But the devices we want to display go back into the allowed area several inches and we don't have much vertical room to work with, we can only tilt the display about about 15 deg before we can't fit the devices behind the display panel. However we do have a lot of depth behind the display panel we can work with.