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SetSelectionFilters Method work incorrect

Question asked by Asa Fedina on Dec 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2020 by Asa Fedina

Hey everyone, 


I am working on creating a add-in that uses the SetSelectionFilters (IPropertyManagerSelectionbox) method (in solidworks 2019).


The problem I am running in to is that the SetSelectionFilters() method isn't working correctly. I tried to add two selection boxes with different type filters but similar marks.When i tried to add item, selection fields switch correctly, but the item is added to both selection fields, although the callback comes from only one selection field. If I don’t put marks at all, then everything works fine, but I can select any item accordingly, it’s not what I need. Using different marks for each item is also not an option.


Unfortunately, I could not find any examples of the SetSelectionFilters () method (using similar labels) online. Maybe someone has encountered this problem before? I highly appreciate any help in advance!


- Anastasiia