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Change of company name (SW licence)

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Dec 23, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2019 by Gordon Rigg

If you need to change the company a licence is allocated to you get a nice form to fill in from your VAR to authorize it.

It really is a nice simple system. There is just a slight delay. 

About 10 years!

I found out that the form I filled in January 2009, and again on two further occasions, the last one being 3 weeks ago, still hasn't been implemented. I have two licences under a company that ceased to exist in 2008 and one under our current company, and, strangely a 6 month term licence that seems to be allocated to both.


Quite frankly, I'd just given up trying to sort it out a long while ago. But now i find that for online licencing I cannot get admin rights to 2 of the three licences I should be in control of, due to this incorrect company name allocation.