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SOLIDWORKS RX - Cannot Package Files After Adding Files

Question asked by Sarah Dwight on Dec 23, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2019 by Matt Peneguy

Has anyone seen a similar problem ever?

When using the SW RX I try to add the files I saved during the Problem Capture, but RX breaks and I cannot select "Package Files Now...".


The RX starts by automatically adding 3 template files, then I try to add the 3 part files I saved during the problem capture. Afterward the "3 files added." changes to "6 Noppel" ...which means what? What is a Noppel? Well, whatever it is, I cannot select "Package Files Now..." or even "Add More Files to Zip..." anymore.


When I try to exit the window, I get this message "The scheme name you have entered is not valid. Please enter a name that begins with a number or letter. Yes/No." Selecting "Yes" exits the window, "No" keeps the window open.


When I select "Start Capture" for kicks I receive the message "Segment Offset from Selected Geometry Yes/No." 


This ruins all the Problem Capture work I did. I have since learned not to add the files here. Also if I look at the files automatically added, then cancel, the files are removed and Package Files does not add anything, but continues on to Step 3. So I just don't add the files until I send the report to my VAR.

I am reporting this to my VAR to see what they say. I had reported it back in March 2019 as a side note, but now it is its own issue.