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Exporting data from OrCAD to SolidWorks

Discussion created by Vladimir Sorin on Dec 23, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2019 by S. Casale


We use SolidWorks 2018x64 SP3.0 Professional. (SW)

We have some problem with building 3D assemlies exported from OrCADv17.2 (the same in 17.4). 

We are opening Stp-files imported from OrCAD by SW and resaving them in SW assembly format (asm/sldasm).



When we try to build SW assembly with two resaving from OrCAD 3D models, one imported model is replaced by another imported model. In this case we have two visually identical imported 3D models in common assembly with different names.

Further if we will saved this SW assemly, SW will saved changes in the folder which files is located Then we will have two the same files in the folder with different names (we will lose one of the models)


Assemblies imported from PADS used by Solidworks correctly. We have not problems in this case.


We tried to do it with SolidWorks 2020 but we still have the same results.

Please advise some decisions. May be we do something wrong?