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quadro rtx greyed out rtx 4000

Question asked by Mike Clinesmith on Dec 22, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2020 by Mark Biasotti


SW 2019, sp5.0, win10, asus gene maximusXI, i9-9900k,32mb trident 18cas, 2tb Samsung 970pro, NVidia quadro rtx4000.


Just swapped from a quadro p2000.  When rotating assemblies, some of the colors (of parts) turn gray.   This did not happen with the p2000 card on the same assemblies.  In fact, it doesn't even do it on my HP zbook (3 years old win7) with a m2000 quadro.  Tried the approved latest rtx 4000 driver per solidworks (SW).  Then tried latest driver from NVidia - same results.  Any ideas?  Is this a SW settings thing, a SW software thing? Of a NVidia settings thing?  Also tried the beta graphics enhancement option at the bottom of the SW performance tab.  Any ideas? Thanks.