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how to easily move a finished part to a different plane or closer to the origin?

Question asked by Patrick Mueller on Dec 20, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2019 by Dan Eldred

I make a lot of parts inside of an assembly (I basically take a customer file and remake the parts into smaller sizes so that they fit onto raw material. think about it like being sent an uncut puzzle and it is your job to make individual puzzle pieces based of the original.) So my process is to

1. open their assembly file

2. create a new part and choose a plane to sketch on. Choosing the face of the part I am trying to copy

3. click their part and convert entities and then cutting it down to size. (their single piece is too big to fit onto our raw materials so I break 1 large piece into multiple smaller pieces.)

4. Extrude the part to the correct thickness.

5. Save piece.


The issue I am having is that when I make a new part, the origin and plane are based on where I am in the assembly. So if I need to task schedule something like making a print of these parts, I can't build a drawing template that has a predefined view since some parts are on the front face, some are on the top face and so on. Also, they aren't on the origin either.


Since these are converted entities and once the part is made it is not edited again so it remains undefined. We have been able to operate like this but we want to speed up our process so API and task scheduling as well as 3rd party softwares have been included in our process and now these issues need to be addressed.


The process of working inside an assembly and creating new parts is not likely to be changed so is there a quick way to move a part to the origin and to the front face after the part has already been created?