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Help Wanted: SW macro expert

Question asked by Chad Huleatt on Dec 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2020 by Deepak Gupta

Looking for someone who could put some macros together for me, will pay.


Nothing too complex, for a start I would like a macro that creates a drawing, adds a flat pattern view on the flat pattern sheet, adds bounding box dims. Ideally you could run it at the top level assembly and it would do this for all sheet metal parts.


I know that a lot of this code is already kicking around, but I don't have time/ skill to string it together and troubleshoot.


If anyone is interested, PM me your contact details an an estimate of what putting this together would cost. Pls send me email address.


I might have more work required in the future.


A little more information about our company:

  • Using SW 2019
  • Using PDM pro
  • We do lots of custom work
  • We need to create drawings of all parts to interface with scheduling software
  • Our PDM workflow kicks out dxf of flat patter sheet for the router