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hide/show components picks subassembly parts instead of the component

Question asked by Sean Johnson on Dec 20, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2019 by Sean Johnson

This is probably something stupid easy, but I didn't see anything with a search.


I have an assembly drawing where I need to hide some components.  I usually do this through the hide/show Components tab in the Drawing View Properties.   [I know I could do this with a display state in the model, but I want to know why this isn't working right in the drawing.]


The assembly components are not all individual parts.  Some of the components are themselves subassemblies.  If I just pick on the subassembly, a subassembly part highlights, not the component (the subassembly entire).  If I try to use a right-click and a select/other, the subassembly component does not come up in the list.


How to make the program pick the first level components, and not pick the subassembly parts?