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General vs Specific custom properties and the tab builder.

Question asked by Eric Snyder on Dec 19, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2019 by Eric Snyder

This is confusing...


I have some custom fields that should have the same value for all configurations. I have other custom fields that should only be active for a certain configuration.


There is a setting on the Tab Builder for a field that has no documentation (that I can find):


It seems like if I check the one on the left (all configurations) the value ends up on the "@" tab in the PDM vault but not on any configurations. If I check the choice on the right then the value ends up on the configuration tab.


Let's get a real world example:


I want the Part Name to be the same for all configurations. The only way I can see making the Part Name show up in the vault is to create a field with configuration specific value (the selection on the right)  and then go to each configuration and paste the value over and over again.


Isn't there any way I can place the general info in one place and have it be "Global" on my PDM data card?


What am I missing here?