Kyle Litwin

Is it possible to auto-populate a manufacturing print from model dimensions gotten from a design table?

Discussion created by Kyle Litwin on Dec 18, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2019 by Matt Peneguy

So I have been messing around with Design Tables in Solidworks 2019. I am new to using these, and was curious about something.


Something to keep in mind here is that a finished good we produce has more than 1 component. Typically we have 3 - 8 components in each part. And each component is drawn in a single model, using different sketches (if that makes sense). I do not model each component individually and bring them into an assembly.


Since there is a way to have a model automatically updated to named dimensions used in a design table, is there a way to have a drawing automatically populate dimensions based on model dimensions?


Instead of having to manually pull in the model view, sectioning it, and re-applying every dimension, is there a way to have it do that automatically?


I'm sure this is possible, I just have to deep-dive into how formulas or macros work etc... just looking for some direction on this, not for someone to do it for me.


Any direction on this would be greatly appreciated!