Simon Woolley

Cant insert rows or columns into any table, option not available

Discussion created by Simon Woolley on Dec 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2021 by Alfred Pointecker

So I have SW SP5 2019.

Since upgrading to 2019, I have never had the option to be able to add columns or rows to a newly created table whether it be a weldment cutlist, BOM or general table. Its the same whether it is a table I've created myself or using Solidworks standard tables.


When right clicking on a table cell the option to insert is not in the menu at all. Whether that be my normal "right click" menu, or the "extended right-click" menu

Please see attached screenshots


The option isnt even there after clicking on "customize menu".....


This is driving me insane. Other people in the office running the same SP pack have the option to "insert".


Highly frustrating.