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How to get DraftSight document/sheet dimensions and export settings (C# application)

Question asked by Samuel Fanfan on Dec 18, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2020 by Jeff Sweeney

Hi folks,


I'm developing some C# code using the DraftSight API and have been translating a task written in VB. In the VB script, it references several "private" constants that are passed by reference. There's some discussion happening between DraftSight and PDM to properly pass and match the values with names. Specifically, I'm trying to access the sheet's setting variables of a document (a .dwg), including 


Looking at the script, I'm assuming something in the drawing/document specifies which sheets to select and which to ignore for a PDF export function (referenced in VB by DWG_EXPORTALL_SHEET, DWG_EXPORTSPEC_SHEET, and DWG_EXPORTSPEC_NAMEDSHEET) given how the default DraftSight2PDF script is written. Using the DrasftSight.Interop.dsAutomation dll and have looked through everything available in an object browser (especially the Document, Sheet, and SheetNamedView classes) and can't seem to identify what available properties/methods/functions may hold the key to identifying these desired  values. Currently my application just ignores whatever export settings a drawing has and exports all sheets to the generated PDF. I want the code to adhere to the document's settings. Any suggestions?