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Image in Title Block duplicated on Export to DXF

Question asked by Matt Toomey on Dec 19, 2019

Hi there,


See attached snips for context.

My question concerns an image file that is part of our title block in the sheet format and how it behaves when I export a drawing to DXF. The image in question gets triplicated on the DXF regardless of sheet size or drawing template. No one else in my office seems to have this problem leading me to believe it is something on my computer. The images seem to be spaced the same distance apart on all sheet sizes and are not scaled with the sheet. It also seems they are somehow linked to an A size sheet in the bottom left corner. I tried moving the image in the sheet format and it did not change anything; the duplicates still appeared in the same places.

Does anyone have any ideas?


We do not have the technology to edit DXFs so I can't just delete them, but that is not a sustainable solution anyway.



Matt Toomey