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dimension style not working on angular dimensions

Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on Dec 18, 2019

Is it just me or is this still not possible?

What use is having a dimension style if you can't make it work for all dimensions


E.G.: I make an angular dimension style where I expect the following to occur

Note the 'not displaying as a chain dimension' as well as the 'custom text position being horizontal'

I save the style.


I select a dimension that I want in this style



and instead of 150° now being horizontal I get

and when I check the leaders tab...



So either I'm doing something wrong, or in 2019SP5 Solidworks still isn't able to include the leader setttings in the saved style.


Of course I could just forget about styles and just use the "format painter"

But guess what?

Format painter doesn't 'paint' the leader format when it's an angular dimension.


If i'm not doing anything wrong then how many more decades will it take before they fix it?