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    Problems with opening AI files

    Raj Deshpande
      I have had difficulty opening AI files in SW. Not always consistent, but some of the issues include:
      . Crashing SW (I had to reinstall SW 2009 to resolve the issue. Went back to SP 0 from SP 3.0)
      . Scrambled graphics in SW after opening AI files (more so in SW2008 than 2009)
      . Significant increase in number of nodes and file size
      . The outline curves or shapes didn't form a closed loop and needed significant rework to close the loop before I could extrude the shapes
      . Most of the lines were duplicated and overlapped. I had to delete the lines individually before I could extrude the shapes.
      . The curve fit has been very poor.

      Note that these problems are in general and not with a particular AI file. Has anyone else seen these problems? Do you have any solutions/suggestions? Thanks.

      SW 2009 SP 0
      Dell Precision 380
      Intel Pentium 4 Processor, 300 GHz
      2 GB, 533 MHz, DDR2 SDRAM
      nVidia Quadro FX 3450, 256 MB PCIe

        • Problems with opening AI files
          Lenny Bucholz
          if you are the on creating the illistrator files, save them as vectored dwgs, then open as a SW drawing, then copy and paste to your part sketch.
          • Problems with opening AI files
            Kevin Quigley
            What version of ai files are you opening? I generally backsave the ai to version 10. It also depend what you have in your ai file. If it is chock full of gradients fills then you will run into problems. In general the ai file is best used to originate simple geometry sketches (like for logos). If doing this strip out your ai file from all fills, convert text to outlines and try that.
              • Problems with opening AI files

                When 2010 beta starts, can you please check out your issue with it. We've made some changes in the way that we handle Illustrator files and I would interested if it solves your problem.
                  • Problems with opening AI files
                    Lenny Bucholz
                    Mr. Biasotti,

                    How are you long time no talk or see, since or days at IDEO and a couple of SolidWorlds. you've been doing a great job on the surfacing stuff and read alot of your responses to user questions, they are a great help. just wanted to say yo!

                    I'm working for Arizona State University now, managing the Fulton School of Engineering, MAE Undergad Student Machine Shop. I'm mentoring the Mechanical Engineering student on how to manufacture their designs and of course in the use of SolidWorks. I do wish the educational was at the current release as the commercial, but i understand why, working at the VAR you learn SW's reasoning.

                    again I enjoy the advice and keep up the great work.

                      • Problems with opening AI files

                        Great to hear from you and I miss the good 'ole IDEO days (but not everything about them :-)) Glad you're doing what you're doing because I always saw your capacity to learn but to teach and work with others.

                        Take care and hope we bump into each other - maybe ASU will send you to SWW in Anheim 2010?