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No more enhancements - FIX the problems

Question asked by james demarco on Dec 17, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by M. B.

Is it just me or does the direction of this software package seem to be heading in the wrong direction?  CPU speeds are not getting any faster, and not much of SW can make use of multiple cores, yet we keep adding useless features, and keep ignoring repairing issues (SPEED!).  I fear the marketing is driving the product in the wrong direction, SW was once an amazing, fast, useful, relatively easy to learn tool - used by professionals.

It just feels like they keep spending all the R&D $$ on the GUI - all while the file management remains broken. 

I am just wondering... is it just me??

As a company we cannot continue to use a tool that keeps slowing down, our highest paid professionals are not watching the blue circle on the screen, staring at the SolidWorks is not responding, and waiting.... and waiting... I am sorry, yes we have large assemblies, and yes we may not have modeled them perfectly, but I cannot justify over 30 minutes to open a drawing.  Our VAR is VERY involved, and they are doing amazing work to help us out, but I am torn. I have loved SW for many years, but I wish I could go back to an older simpler version, that simply worked, no glitzy graphics, or pretty icons, or interactive interface, or attempting to think for me, or anticipate what I want... just a dumb program that did exactly what I told it to do, when I told it to, and performed that task quickly and efficiently.

Sorry about the rant - but we have been struggling for a few years now, and I just cannot believe we are alone...

What are your thoughts?  What are your struggles?