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General SolidWorks Speed/Performance

Discussion created by Robert Meyers on Dec 17, 2019
Latest reply on May 5, 2020 by Frederick Law

I'm having some super frustrating lag/delay issues in solidworks. It happens at my day job (SW2019 SP4.0, Dell workstation laptop, don't remember specs, Windows 7, SSD) and at home (SW2020 SP0.1, Dell Precision T7920, Quadro P4000, Windows 10, NVMe SSD).


The simplest test I've come up with to demonstrate the problem is this:


- Create a brand new part

- Create a sketch on a plane

- Select the line tool

- Click as fast as I can in 10 or 20 random spots (creates a spider web looking sketch)

- Twiddle my thumbs while solidworks catches up. WTF?!


The lag is so bad I can sit there and watch the lines get drawn and put into place for a good 4-5 seconds. It drives me absolutely nuts. I'm a fast worker and click fast. This is constantly slowing me down. Solidworks didn't used to be this way (I've been a daily user since 2007 at various jobs, various workstations, various versions of solidworks, windows 7 and 10). I'm not sure when the issue popped up, I'm a slow boiled frog I guess you could say. It seems like it's just been getting slower over time, even though hardware continues to get faster and faster. FWIW, the install file of 2012 is roughly 5 GB and 2020 is roughly 14 GB. And I'm here to tell ya, there ain't that many new features.


Other times I get lag:

- Clicking on a dimension in either a sketch or a drawing. There's a good 1-2 second delay before the box shows up and I can change the dimension.

- Selecting two faces in an assembly to mate. It takes 1-2 seconds before the add mates dialog box shows up.


Before anyone asks:

- Yes, my computer is plugged in

- Yes, I have the latest "certified" graphics card installed

- No, I'm not working over a network

- Yes, it happens whether the new graphics pipeline is turned on or off


So here are my questions:

- Is this just the new normal?

- Or do I have jacked up settings somewhere?

- Has anyone else noticed this?

- Has anyone else *fixed* this? If so, what did you do?


Would love to know what everyone has to say.