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Dispatch action to share a file to a folder during a PDM transition.

Question asked by Ronald Michaud on Dec 16, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2020 by Ronald Michaud

Has anyone created a task to "share" a file (not copy) to another folder that runs during a PDM transition? I would like to use Dispatch to run an administrative action that would automatically share a file to a folder that certain groups outside of our organization have limited access to. The idea is to leave the origin file in it's current folder location for internal document controller access. When a file needs to be shared with an external group we select a "Publish" transition that changes the state of the file to "Published" and also shares the file to another folder location that others have access to through WEB II or PWC. I would also then create another task to "Un-share" (delete shared copy) with a transition that obsoletes the published file.