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Relative Path for External References

Discussion created by John King Iii on Dec 16, 2019
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Hi, is there somewhere I can control which external references are relative and which are absolute?


Like many companies, we have a program to sync a local folder, with a folder on an internet storage, and a program to access an internet storage like a drive letter. Like Google "Backup and Sync" and "Drive File Stream".


If I use the drive letter program only, it hiccups when I do a bunch of stuff in a row, like using SolidWorks Explorer to rename a couple part files that are external references to the same drawing.


However, when I sync with a local folder, it works fine locally, but when I open it up on the drive letter stuff is missing (that's within the sync'ed folder).


I understand if you're doing a one time copy, you should pack and go. But this is automatic. How are other people/companies handling this?