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Graphics preview sometimes doesn't work when inserting a component

Question asked by jason van clark on Dec 17, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2019 by jason van clark

A coworker brought a strange bug to me: When inserting certain files into an assembly, the 'graphics preview' doesn't work and the 'show rotate context toolbar' option doesn't work either.  This is happening in SWX2019


I have an assembly started and I am going to insert a file that we have been using for years: SST_FW (INCH).  In the picture below we can see that the Graphics Preview option is checked, the Show Rotate context toolbar option is checked, the rotate toolbar is showing and the file is being previewed in the graphics area


I will now attempt to insert the SST_FLANGE HCS (INCH) file.  This file was created recently, using SWX 2019 and was created by modifying a file that had been used for many years.  In the picture below, we see the same assembly, now with a flat washer inserted in it.  The insert component command has been started and the Graphics Preview and Show Rotate context toolbar options are still checked.  Note that there is no preview of the SST_FLANGE HCS (INCH) file and the rotate toolbar is also not being shown.


Once I click in the graphics area the SST_FLANGE HCS (INCH) file is placed into the assembly, magically appearing out of thin air


No other options were changed, the only thing that happened between inserting the Flat Washer into the assembly and trying to insert the Flange screw is that I typed in this forum.


I looked into the individual part files and can see no discernible differences

flat washer:


Flange head screw



My first thought was that the configurations in the flange head screw needed to be rebuilt but as you can see in the pictures above, that made no difference.


I also have noticed that the flat washer is an 'older version' file while the flange screw is a current version.  If one of them was going to give me a problem I would have thought is would be the flat washer.  I even tried saving the flat washer as a 2019 file and it behaved correctly when inserting it into the assembly.


So, this is an odd bug.  Does anyone have any thoughts?