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    Don Vanzile
      With the ever growing and expanding functionality of software (not even specifically Solidworks), I find myself every once in a while hunting down a command that I don't use often. Would it be nice to have a command search tool (even take the place of the somewhat useless search in the upper right) that would dynamically search and filter commands and be able to invoke them from the list box?

      Think of it acting almost exactly like filtering the keyboard shortcuts dialog box, except you can click on the command to activate it.

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          Jason Capriotti
          I was thinking the same thing today for the new Office 2007(Word, Excel, etc) interface. I know the command I want, I just don't know where to find it.

          A search box that highlights the commands when selecting the search results would be nice. Kind of like how the tutorials in SolidWorks handle it. Select the icon and the command button on the toolbar blinks.
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            Jim Wilkinson
            Hi All,

            Microsoft has something on labs like this for their ribbon interface:

            If we did implement something like this, how would prefer it were implemented:
            1) As a tab in the CommandManager that shows commands that match the search criteria right in the tab (like Microsoft's ribbon implementation above)?
            2) As a separate UI element like the shortcut bar (S key) that you could popup to perform the search.

            Would you want the search to highlight the commands in their normal locations (like the tutorials do) or just be able to run the commands directly from the search interface?


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                Don Vanzile

                Hey Jim, and thanks for the response.

                Here is my opinion....

                I think it should be a separate UI element that can be either be activated by an icon or of course be attached to a keyboard shortcut like the S key. I really don't think the command manager approach is a good idea because myself and many others have custom tabs anyways so it would make much sense.

                To me, I think it really could be something as simple as what is already laid out for assigning keyboard shortcuts dialog, except it has all the commands with the ability to invoke right from the search box. It could also display the menu path if need be for reference.

                Here is an example I made for reference with the slot command. before and after a search, which would hopefully be dynamic as the user types.


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                  Wayne Tiffany
                  I think Don's suggestion has the most promise in that you have the ability to access the command right from there, but also see where it usually resides. Floater out in the middle that goes away.

                  However, that being said, I don't know that I would put the whole thing very high on the list as I probably wouldn't use it much. Hate to see time spent on something that to me is fairly low on priority.

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                  Kelvin Lamport
                  I vote for "2) As a separate UI element like the shortcut bar (S key) that you could popup to perform the search. ".

                  Anything but the CM or Ribbon.
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                    I don't think it is something that requires a shortcut key or a tab in the command manager. Although I agree that this would be very helpful, it doesn't seem like a function that would be frequently used, so it can be a little out of the way.