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Parametric number of similar, but not identical parts

Question asked by J. R. on Dec 16, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by Elmar Klammer

I have a modelling issue. I need to model a number of stacked sheet parts, and the number of these parts should be parametrically adjusted so that the total thickness of the stack is a certain number. This is a very basic example to help visualize it:



As you can see, I have a master-sketch part that defines the line from which the stack starts and where it ends, a plate part that defines the rough shape of the plates that will be stacked, and a linear assembly pattern that patterns that plate up to the end of the guideline (I did this with equations, because Up To Reference in Linear Pattern didn't work for some reason).


Now, the problem is that these plates will not be identical - each plate must be manufactured to it's unique shape prior to assembly, so once they are stacked, they look something like this:




I used assembly-level Cut-Extrude here for visualization, but I cannot use Propagate Feature To Parts option because that would make all plates identical.


The requirements for this solution are:

1) Each plate must be a unique configuration or a unique file, because they will have to be batch-processed to produce DXF files for nesting on sheets and cutting with CNC.

2) The solution must be completely parametric - the thickness of the stack might change (driven by the guideline in the master sketch part), and the number of these unique plate files/configurations must adjust automatically.


I thought about this long and hard, and I cannot seem to find a parametric solution yet. I thought that perhaps this could be modeled on Part level instead - but then I would have a multi-body part, and I would still have to export each body separately to a new file - SOLIDWORKS won't do that automatically if the number of bodies changes. So that doesn't seem to be any better.


I would very much prefer a non-macro solution, if possible.


Can anyone provide any suggestions, please?


EDIT: Oops. Forgot to attach the file. Attaching now, done in SOLIDWORKS 2019.