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Always crash while applying mesh control for a specific part

Question asked by Hanifah Az Zahra on Dec 15, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2019 by Hanifah Az Zahra

I have a Solidworks 2017 running on a server with Windows 7 operating system.


I often running simulation for an assembly of about 10 to 20 big size parts (example: a 100x200x6000 hollow steel, d=400 pipe that is 7m long, etc) and the meshing could not complete therefore a mesh control must be applied.


While applying mesh control for a specific part the solidworks always "encountered a problem and needs to close". I haven't found the solution, not even the root cause. All this time i just keep restarting the solidworks everytime it crashed and repeating the mesh control process until finally at some point the process can be finished.


Does anyone also experiencing the same problem? Is there anyone who happen to know the cause, and hopefully knowing the solution too?