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Turbocharger boundary conditions

Question asked by Jan Hrabovsky on Dec 15, 2019

Hello, I am working on my final project to the school. I've chosen a simulation of turbocharger by Garrett. I tried couple of settings but I think the results are not right and I would like to get some advice from experienced users.


I would like to be able to make a compressor map like this 


First setting: 

Inlet: enviromental pressure

outlet: outlet volume flow

I used this tutorial 

Problem of this setting: I could not get mass flow rate more than 20 lb/min and the pressure ration was decreasing with increasing outlet volume flow.


I read that the outlet volume flow is not a good idea but I do not know how to setup a boundary conditions to get a right data. As a output I should be able to get pressure ratio (outlet/inlet) and mass flow rate. I should be able to make a compressor map from link 


Thank you very much.