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Problems getting endpoints of a sketch segment

Question asked by Harold Black on Dec 16, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2019 by Jacob Corder

I have a line in a sketch, it could be a 2d or 3d sketch having a either a line, arc, or spline, which I need to get the endpoints of. I have a sub, createPatternedArray sketchCurve which I pass the sketch to. I was reading that there are multiple types of SketchSegments, which is why I set sksegment = to the selection, vseg, in question.


In my model I select my sketchsegment and get the sketch it belongs to using. In my first run through, the sketchsegment was a spline.


set curve_sel=swSelMgr.GetSelectedObject6(1,-1)

set sketchCurve=curve_sel.GetSketch


The sub is setup as follows:



Dim vsegs as Variant

Dim vseg as Variant

Dim sksegment as SldWorks.SketchSegment

Dim swsketchCurrLine as SldWorks.SketchLine

Dim swCurveStartPt as SldWorks.SketchPoint

Dim swCurveEndPt as SldWorks.SketchPoint


vseg = path_sketch.GetSketchSegments
For Each vseg In vsegs
Set sksegment = vseg
'sksegment.Select True
Set swsketchCurrLine = sksegment
Set swCurveStartPt = swsketchCurrLine.GetStartPoint2
Set swCurveEndpt = swsketchCurrLine.GetEndPoint2
Next vseg




end sub


I get a Run-time error "Object variable of With block variable not set" and it points to

Set swCurveStartPt = swsketchCurrLine.GetStartPoint2.


The locals window shows that vsegs has an object in it and sksegment is showing that something got set to it. However, swsketchCurrLine is showing "Nothing". I get the same result if I change the sketchsegment from a spline to a line. Where am I messing up? Do I have to set up special cases if it's a spline, line, or arc?