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Traverse Cam Design

Question asked by Justin Hanson on Dec 13, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2019 by Jesse Robbers

I'm attempting to design a reciprocating motion linear traverse cam.  The cam has a primary and secondary track.  The secondary track is only on the ends of the traverse cam when directional change takes place.  The primary track is 5mm wide, and secondary track is 12mm wide.  The primary track and secondary tracks are centered up until the directional change where the primary tracks goes off center relative to the wider secondary track. I did a wrap for the primary track at a circumference of 40mm. The secondary track is at a 50mm cylindrical circumference.  I first tried a wrap at the larger diameter and then a secondary wrap at the narrower and deeper secondary track.  The 2D sketch geometry does not translate correctly when going to 3D thus surfaces that should be offset are not offset.  I then remodeled it with the primary track, and want to extrude out the ends at the larger circumference and offset the outer end turns by 1mm.  I attempted to knit the surface, offset to zero, then extrude up to the surface offset.  Solidworks gives me an error "The end face cannot terminate the extruded feature".  I'm pulling my hair out on this.  Is there a more efficient way to model this.  Am I modeling this the correct way?  Any insight to solving this? I attached below the file. 


SW error