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Solidworks Simulation stalling mid solve

Question asked by Jake Harvey on Dec 13, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2019 by Jake Harvey

I've been working on this simulation for over a week with and it always stalls out mid solve, I really need some help. I'm working on this scaffolding that is fixed in 10 spaces with clamps. It is clamped to extra tubing at the bottom, I'm using rigid connections to represent that. There is a load on the top of the scaffolding of 135lbs/ft. I've been trying two versions of the simulation, one with modeled bolts and one with bolt connections. I would like to get the bolt connection one working as I need to find the forces on the bolts. Maybe I need to use Bonded Contacts as opposed to No Penetration, but I'm worried it won't accurately represent the problem.


Any help with this would be really appreciated.