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How do you control the size and location of a reference plane in a library feature?

Question asked by Paul Korenkiewicz on Dec 16, 2019

We have library features for standard hydraulic valve cavities that I want to add datum planes to, to show where the center of the side ports are.  Easy enough, however when I do this, the datum plane seems to position itself randomly when I use the feature in a model.  For example, we have this library feature:

Datum plane is nicely displayed.  However, when I drag this into a model, the datum shifts off of the feature:

It still is the proper offset distance, but WHY isn't it on the feature?  It was created off the spot face surface, so should be located and sized to that, just like they always are in every situation I have run across.  I know I can manually resize and re-position the datum plane, but I shouldn't have to do that. 

Any suggestions, thoughts?  Thanks in advance.