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Simulation With Component Contacts

Discussion created by Gary Smith on Dec 15, 2019
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I am attempting to FEA a splined coupling. I have tried using the component contact feature, having it set to "no penetration".


I have applied fixtures to the model such that shaft is fixed, and the "hub" has one degree of freedom which is to spin on its axis. A torque has then been applied to the outside of the hub with the intention that it will rotate to take up the space between the teeth, then engage with the teeth and deliver a stress result for both components. 


Unfortunately this does not work and I simply get a large displacement error and a solving failure.


I have also tried using a contact set and selected the individual faces that will come in to contact and this does not work. 


Does anyone know why this might be happening?


(I don't really want to just apply forces to the teeth of the individual parts as this defeats the purpose of what i am trying to do)