Norbert Gál

EPDM API search

Discussion created by Norbert Gál on Dec 16, 2019



I use IEdmSearch7 to find specific files.

I have two questions:

- Can I search for filename with regular expression even if I don't use IEdmSearch7?

- Can I use logical operators in search like AND, OR?


My code:


Dim mySearch As IEdmSearch7 = vault.CreateSearch()

mySearch.FindFiles = True
mySearch.StartFolderID = vault.RootFolderID

mySearch.SetToken(EdmSearchToken.Edmstok_AllVersions, False)

mySearch.AddVariable("AsmType", "1")

'--- here I would like to use OR operator between AddVariable and SetToken

mySearch.SetToken(EdmSearchToken.Edmstok_Name, "____[-]__[_MAIN]%.sldasm")

'--- for name search I would like to use regular expression instead of % and _ wildcards



Thank you