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Animation Issues

Discussion created by Kevin Kearney on Dec 13, 2019
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I am using the 2019-20 student version SP3 to do some animation in an assembly. I have noticed that I am unable to hide/show a component correctly. In the 2018-19 I could hide a component over ~2 seconds and it would slowly increase in transparency until it disappeared. Currently, the component will just snap off. If I try to turn the component off then back on it won't work at all. I updated to SP5 but it hasn't appeared to fix anything. Does anyone know anything about this?


Additionally, the goal is to get the animation working in eDrawings. The hide/show animation worked correctly in eDrawings in the 2018-19 version. In the 2019-20 version it doesn't work at all. However, the hide/show animations that I created in the 2018-19 still work in the 2019-2020 version.


I have example files attached, the actual files are too big to upload

a video showing my working hide/show animation can be found here:

SharpShot final assembly 4 20 - YouTube