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(Pre-TTL Question) More than three sort criteria in BOMs?

Question asked by Tom Gagnon on Dec 12, 2019
Latest reply on May 18, 2020 by Hansjörg Wolff

This is a potential TTL idea. I'm asking here to be sure that I understand correctly that there is an issue to improve. Reference installation 2018 SP5.


I'd like to suggest having extensible sort criteria for BOMs, i.e. more than three. I'd accept four or five columns (criteria) as finite improvement, but while changing it, it could have an expanding dialog box with a button to add a line of sort criteria. Clearly I would not expect it to be infinite or greater than sixteen. Most BOMs do not have that many columns.


Why I'm asking here is that I believe that more than three columns sort is entirely possible if editing the table in Excel. This, to my understanding, is a workaround which necessarily detaches the BOM's contents from its related contents. Breaking it out (Save As.. .xlsx file) and reinserting as a table defeats the purpose of allowing its contents to adapt with changes in content of the assembly(ies). So I have a few associated questions about the 4th and 5th sort feature workaround, mainly because I haven't exercised it for fear of losing adaptive content and linked balloons.


If you Save As.. a BOM table, sort it as desired in Excel, and reinsert it,

* does the reinserted BOM recognize its associative content, or is it truly dumb and detached?

    * if so, is there a way to reattach it, or merge with one that is related?

* does the BOM associate its rows with balloon entities?

* can the BOM be re-sorted, and if an item's row number changes, does its balloon number update?

* can new items be automatically added upon content change, and/or old items removed similarly if no longer present?

* would everything present become dangling and require extensive manual micromanaging to accomplish what used to be possible in automated tools?

- OR -

* is it possible to apply full Excel functionality upon a BOM table, in the same way that a Design Table can be opened in Excel and managed with enhanced tools and then closed to return to its place within Configurations?


Thanks for any input or guidance if my concerns are already addressed, in existing functionality or a release after 2018. I'm tepid about even participating in TTL this year. Besides, my ideas are usually very narrow scope such as this one. With narrow applicability and (historically I sense that) any suggestion is ignored for future development if not voted up well, then I may as well just yell at a wall. Here's a nice Solid one right next to me that Works. The certificates are listening but not implementing any change.