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Weldment Cut List; Adding Part Number And Using Item Number For Individual Parts

Question asked by Brett Peterson on Dec 11, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2019 by Brett Peterson

So I have two questions regarding Weldment Cut lists.


#1. We often use commercial or machined parts in out weldments weldnuts ect. Is there a way to automatically grab the file name i.e. part number from a part that was inserted into a weldment? The part was put into the weldment with the Insert Part command and placed with the Body-Move/Copy command. The cut list can link to the material of the inserted part but not the part number/file name so I end up typing the number by hand.


#2. In the company workflow a drawing is created for each body in the weldment. A body in the weldment is given a name 1111-1. The 1111 is the part number of the file and the -1 represents the item number in the cut list. Is there a way to get the item number from the cut list automatically with out the use of a ballon and a note.


I made a simple example and attached pictures of the drawings and cut list properties.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thank You