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[Utility] (v3) Always Lock Caps: CapsLock On for user specified programs when active

Discussion created by Kevin Chandler on Dec 11, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2019 by Matthew Lorono

12/15/2019 Update: Version 3.00. Added "Pause" icon, so when paused, red appears in two corners of the ALC icon:

The exe file name is unchanged, so to update, just overwrite your current exe file with the attached file.

The INI file is unaffected, so your current INI file doesn't need replacing (so you won't to redo your current settings).



12/14/2019 Update: Version 2.00. Added "Pause" to the menu, which pauses the CapsLock action without having to exit the utility. When paused, the Pause menu is checked and CapsLock is automatically turned off:


Select Pause again to re-enable the utility and the check is removed.

Also, when Exit is selected, the utility is closed, but it now turns off CapsLock before closing without any required user interaction.



Always Lock Caps is a utility to have the CapsLock key automatically turned on when a user specified program is active and turned off when non-specified programs are active.

When turned off, the CapsLock key can be manually turned on for non-specified programs, but will always be on for specified programs (while "Always Lock Caps.exe" is running).


To install:

Unzip "Always Lock Caps.exe" and "Always Lock Caps.ini" from "Always Lock" to the same folder.

No mods are ever made to your computer.


To uninstall:

Delete "Always Lock Caps.exe", "Always Lock Caps.ini" and "Always Lock".


Setup Always Lock Caps:

Double click "Always Lock Caps.ini" and it will open in Notepad (or your default text editor).

More than one program can be specified as a program that is Always Lock Caps.

The exe file name for each desired program must be specified after "ProgramsToCapsLock=" with each exe name separated by a pipe |, below SolidWorks and Windows Explorer will get CapsLock turned on whenever they be come active.

Checking for the active programs is on a timer and how often this check is made is set by the value (seconds) after "ActiveProgramsCheckInterval=". A second and a half is the default, 1/4 of a second is the minimum.


Easily determine a program's exe file name:

Run "DisplayExeName.exe" to easily extract the exe file name from a running program.

As stated on its intro dialog, make the desired program active and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E and that program's exe file name will be put into the Windows Clipboard for pasting directly into "Always Lock Caps.ini".


You can right click the tray icon for "DisplayExeName.exe" and select Exit when done selecting programs as this utility is only used for this purpose.


Running "Always Lock Caps.exe":

When loaded, an intro dialog displays showing the selected exe file names (which are duplicated in the About dialog):



This utility, "Always Lock Caps" (ALC) was developed per a Top Ten Idea (2020 TTL) submitted by Alex Lachance ALC) titled: "Check-box to force the capitalization of letters inside dimensions" 


Matthew Lorono states this is existing functionality in SW2020, but until then, and for other programs where uppercase is desired, ALC can fill the gap.


I discovered Alex's idea while reviewing the TTL summary document at: [Parse & Save code attached] 2020 Top Ten List (TTL) Repository 

For an easier review of the ideas submitted, please visit this post and download the latest summary.

Also there is a utility, "TTL Load Idea", for quickly loading an idea of interest on the 3D TTL site just by copying its idea number to the Windows Clipboard and pressing Ctrl+Shift+I.

If the idea still sparks your interest, remember to bookmark it while at 3D for easier recall when voting begins.


As always, I hope ALC helps and please reply with your comments.