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Decrease in render quality in 2019?

Discussion created by Kristina Dougherty on Dec 11, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2019 by Kristina Dougherty

Has anyone else noticed a significant decrease in the render quality in 2019? Here are a few things I am experiencing. (the example below is the SAME file. The left image was rendered in 2018 the right rendered in 2019sp4):

  • Almost all curved surfaces are tessellated when a bump map is applied regardless of mapping settings.  Even geometry created in Visualize is tessellated (see top right image).
  • Flat surfaces are "puckering"
  • Lights no longer have a nice gradation on shadows, everything is very harsh
  • The fast or accurate preview is sometimes very different then the final render.
  • The same sunlight light environment will render differently every time you open the file



  • The below image shows a file created in 2018. I opened today, changed the appearance and rendered. The left shows the view port and the right is what rendered. This was the first time there has been no tessellation in a render, unfortunately that's all that went right 


Any help would be appreciated!

  • I'm using Vis Pro 2019 sp4
  • RTX 5000 graphic card (so the GPU shouldn't be an issue) also happening on a different system with a P4000 graphics card