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MBD/PMI and STEP 242 Question

Question asked by John Howell on Dec 11, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2019 by Alessandro Tornincasa

We are investigating MBD functionality within SolidWorks 2019. We are completely new to using these functions to any appreciable level of detail.


After going through the MBD tutorial, I successfully created a STEP 242 file from the drum_pedal assembly used there. I want to read that STEP file back in, in order to see what was exported.


When I do that, I don't see any MBD/PMI annotations. I was expecting to at least see the MBD dimensions. How can I validate the STEP 242 file contains PMI information - short of sending the .STP file to a vendor with a CAM program? Should I expect them to come back into SolidWorks via the .STP file - maybe I'm just not seeing them (visibility of PMI information continues to be... difficult).