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Issues restoring 2014 SQL DB to SQL 2017?

Question asked by Guy Edkins on Dec 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2020 by Francisco Guzman

We are preparing to upgrade to 2020 EPDM. We are also upgrading to new servers running Server 2019 vs. Server 2012 R 2.  We are running SQL 2014 with EPDM 2019 SP 0.  We are in the trap of OS's not supporting the apps we plan on running. Long story short, I will be forced to upgrade the current server to 2019 SP 5. Then perform a server move of EPDM to the new 2019 server which will be running SQL Server 2017. Once there I will be performing an in place upgrade to EPDM 2020. Has anyone observed any issue(s) with restoring a 2014 instance of the Conisio DB and a vault DB to SQL 2017?


FYI SQL 2014 SP 3 support is end of life at 2021 SP 5 of EPDM and you will need to purchase SQL Server 2017 with CALS separately going forward.