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Alternative to Solidworks PDM

Question asked by Barbara Jerin on Dec 11, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2019 by Barbara Jerin

Hey guys,


I am wondering if there is a cheaper alternative to Solidworks PDM, that would only have the functionality of Check-in/Check-out. Everything else I could do by hand (not as effective but still ok for us) or with help of #Task but I can't have a common database without a PDM.

In the past I had a common database on the server and we used the collaboration function in SW. The problem with this was, that it often happened that files got corrupted due to network instability. At that point non-CAD files also got corrupter.

I wonder how big companies are accessing a common database on a server so that files (non-CAD) don't get corrupted.  

I don't have an IT expert in house who could give me the answers, so I turn to you.