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How to save Image Quality settings? (Default template not working)

Question asked by Pablo Valiente on Dec 10, 2019

I want to set the image quality (from -Options -Document properties - Image quality) higher as default for all the new documents that I create (So I don't have to change it everytime). 


What I found in the Solidworks Help is that I have to create a default template. The problem is that this information seems to refere to the version 2019. I have the version 2013 and when I look that solution for version 2013 seems that the default template only applies "when importing files from another application or create a derived part", I don't fully understand that part  so I would like to know if in my version is possible or there is another way.


Here is what it says about default  templates in version 2019:


And here when I look in the version 2013:


So in version 2013 the default templates aren't useful for what I need?


Thank you all.