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How to replace a label?

Question asked by Raymond Herrera on Dec 10, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2019 by Dave Laban

For starters, I am not sure whether the object is a decal or appearance.


I am modeling a historic scene, a Fire Extinguisher appears in an old b&w photo taken by the FBI.


2nd Floor Lunch Room - Texas School Book Depository


After the photo was subjected to clarification, it was determined that the device was manufactured by the "General Fire Extinguisher Corp". The problem is that there are 3 potential models. An Illustrator artist provided 3 labels:


3 Models made by the General Extinguisher Corp.


While I am not planning to be able to model the device any time soon, the least I should learn is how to replace the label.


The SolidWorks designer provided two files:


 - label.jpg

 - label.p2m


I removed them but the image is still present:


The label that refuses to go away


I have watched several YouTube videos: in each there is a different user interface, in some cases PhotoView 360 is used. It is not clear whether the label is a decal or an appearance.


The relevant file is attached.




-Ramon F Herrera
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