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Help trying to get a smooth surface

Discussion created by Jeremy Savage on Dec 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2020 by Jeremy Savage

Not sure if this should be in sketching, or surfacing, but I am trying to smooth out a surface I am working on. I cant seem to make this form fluid all the way around. It has a hard edge where the corner radius ends. Does any one have any recommendations on how I could lay out the sketch better to make the curvature smooth when displaying zebra stripes and curvature:

  • I need to keep the radius on the corner.
  • I would actually like the style spline sketch to have a sharper turn, I can achieve this with a regular spline but have been trying to use style splines for smoother surfacing. Should I approach this differently?
  • Shoud I get rid of the straight section?

Part is attached if anyone would like to have a look.