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Question asked by Josiah Thompson on Dec 10, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2019 by Francisco Guzman

We will be upgrading to PDM professional next month. We are developing a new document control that makes sense with our process. 

Right now all file names are part numbers in our Vault. looking for a standard for file names when a project is transitioning from concept into a make and then to production. Is it common to change file names when going from concept to a make? This has been a problem. When we rename files sometimes it breaks the drawing. 

Should I move files or copy files?

 If I copy files from one place (concept) to another the file name (make) will be the same but the file history starts over. This is good, but I feel like the file name should be different. 



Project is in concept state and is approved for a make. I copy file to a "make" folder and assign a part number.

The file now has a part number associated with it but I cant figure out how to get around the bad practice of renaming the file.