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My SW hang ups ? What now ?

Question asked by F. Leatin on Dec 9, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2020 by F. Leatin

Some members of this forum told me I should look into "MySolidworks" tutorials. So I did. Within a half hour I ran into hang ups. Below are screen shots of the pages I was on. I went thought the first 2 modules on the right side of the page but that was as far as I could go because as you can tell the rest of them are blanked out so I can't continue there. Now can anybody tell me where I'm supposed to go next to continue with this instruction ? I tried to down load the file circled in red but that lock up my computer so I'm not going to try that again.

I don't see any instruction as to where to go or how to continue next ?

Anybody used this system before ?

Thank you. .